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Seeking an opportunity to utilize and enhance my character animation skills while working with a team of talented artists in a creative and collaborative environment.


Software: Maya, 3ds Max, MotionBuilder, After Effects

Engines: APEX, Unreal, Unity

Animation Experience

Avalanche Studios – Animator on Just Cause 4                                                                        Jan’ 2017 – Present

  • Created a majority of the civilian character animations to produce a living world
  • Cleaned up and polished cutscenes to create shippable quality
  • Collaborated with design and environments to shape a metropolis where civilians interact and live
  • Prototyped hand-key animation and integration for a new enemy type
  • Designed previz scenes exploring the differences in personality and environmental layout of factions
  • Worked closely with tech to improve Maya tools and the in-game pipeline
  • Managed the creation of all props that the world sim would use
  • Updated state machines and integrated new animations into the engine
  • Planned internal and external animation milestone deliveries
  • Acted and performed in our in-house Motion Capture suit

Hi-Rez Studios – Associate Animator on Smite                                                                    Aug’ 2015 – Dec’ 2016

  • Created attacks, locomotion, emotes, idles and transitional animations
  • Animated cinematic sequences promoting new content, including layout and camera
  • Brainstormed and developed personalities of new characters
  • Added flavor and personality for new skins of existing characters
  • Adapted animation sets for remodels of old characters
  • Reviewed animations in engine and fixed bugs for upcoming patches


iAnimate, Online Animation School                                                               

  • Creature Animation Workshop 1                                                                                                      Mar’ 2014
  • Games Animation Workshop 1                                                                                                           Oct’ 2016

Animation Mentor, Online Animation School

  • Diploma in Advanced Studies of Character Animation                                                                Dec’ 2013

DePaul University, Chicago, IL                                                                                                                 June 2012

  • B.S. in Computer Game Development: Production and Design, 3.5 GPA, Cum Laude

 Awards and Honors

            Eagle Scout, May 2004

Dean’s List, Multiple Quarters 2008-2012

iAnimate Creatures Student Showreel – Summer 2013, Fall 2014